Monday, September 28, 2009


(I found this post in my drafts folder and I can't believe I forgot to publish it 6 months ago. Oh well, it's never too late...being forwarned is being forearmed.)

If you see this girl...

...behind the wheel of any motorized vehicle, pull safely to the side of the road and wait for her to get outside of a ten mile radius surrounding you or anyone you remotely care about. She is now a licensed driver in the state of California and a menace on the road. The poor weak man at the DMV passed her just so he would never have to see her again. She hit three trash cans, a palm tree, and only narrowly missed a small child crossing the street because she was aiming for the three slower senior citizens behind him. Do not take this warning lightly. If you happen to find yourself in the greater Orange County area, proceed with caution. You never know when she's going to come flying around a corner on two wheels or run another red light because she was texting her girlfriend about where to score a six-pack.

Good luck...Godspeed...and can learn a lot from a Dummy.